The Interactive Adventures of Emily and Katelyn

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This is the interactive community for the weekend adventures of two Western Michigan University students/roommates/friends/lovers/brothers from different mothers, Emily and Katelyn. We live together with our friend Tamice in an apartment complex that can only be compared to "Spring Break 24/7."

We spend the majority of our time at Fourth Coast, the best 24-hour coffee shop ever. You'll probably find us sitting at the big table by the windows, people watching and having deep, meaningful conversations together. Or sometimes we just make fun of whoever else walks in. You know, whatever.

This community is open for all members to post. Please feel free to give us suggestions for things to do around town (or elsewhere. Neither of us has a job. That's why we have a livejournal community based on our lives).

The picture of Emily has been taken down because she doesn't want it floating around in mid-air. A picture of Wilfred Brimley, who is most like her in every way, will be up shortly.

Emily is not indie. Emily is not punk. She likes punk music, which makes the indie kids think she wants to be one of them. But she doesn't. Because if she was one of them, she'd be going against punk ethics, which Emily doesn't follow. She also don't follow this logic, but she wears converse. Emily believes every song made nowadays is a variation of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," which is mostly true. She is an "enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a clusterfuck." That line is from her favorite book series, and she wanted to cite the page, because she is square. And still trying to get past that high school label. She would like to now make a side comment about anarchy. "Anarchy can't work."


Katelyn is not indie, either. She tried to be punk in high school and ended up just looking more awkward than usual. But making fun of them is still fun. The indie kids, that is. Katelyn is well aware that this is a total MySpace pic, but that's what makes it great. Plus it shows off her totally badass scar back when it still had stitches (a right reserved exclusively to bitches ... get it? bitches get stitches? okay nevermind). Katelyn has a love/hate relationship with Kalamazoo, but more of a love/lust relationship with Emily (mostly lust, duh). Okay, so they're not really lesbians (sorry, boys), but close enough, okay? By the way, Katelyn loves dogs, more than she loves most people, and will do just about anything to own one herself. You should buy her one.